Supply Vessel for Hydro Clean Gas Storage Tanks

Vessel Kogarah (LCT) used as a Pump Station to pump water up to LNG gas storage tanks for commissioning (hydro clean) & discharge back through, Installation of Pumps x 2 & all poly pipe fitted/welded onsite with supports welded into GLNG Bechtel Supply Vessel 02position, Marine crew operating vessel 24/7 & pump station to assist in the hydro commissioning.

Marine Port Services

Type of Project
Supply vessel for Pump Station to assist in Hydro clean of Gas storage tanks.

Curtis Island, Gladstone, Queensland 4680, Australia.

Project Duration
16/05/2014 to 16/10/2014GLNG Bechtel Supply Vessel 01

Man Hours
3243 man hours

LTI & incident free

Main Trades/Skills Used
Poly welders, Boilermakers, Marine crew (Masters, Engineers & GP’s)