Marine Operations

With a long history and extensive experience in all manner of marine activities, MIPEC can provide you with services ranging from marine concept design and construction of vessels through to in-service marine operations. The MIPEC marine facility – with slipway, dedicated ramp and extensive fleet of vessels – enables the provision of solutions to your most complex problems and works.

From vessel construction, marine and cargo logistics to vessel salvage, tug and barge operations, line running services and similar marine facility operations and more, MIPEC is a proven, well-respected provider of marine services to a broad range of industries and clients.

marine-opsLocal, regional and interstate clients are supported by the MIPEC fleet, comprised of owned and operated tugs, barges, fast passenger, landing barges and corporate vessels. Clients enjoy 24/7 support for any service, be it staff transport, moving a million tonne of rock, wharf repairs, provision of a corporate dinner cruise or installation of navigational piles.

Meeting and exceeding your expectations is our focus, with MIPEC marine staff and crew dedicated to providing you with efficient, safe and professional services 365 days a year.

Vessel Fleet

tugWith an owned fleet of modern vessels, including:

Plus various small vessels and a large network of available vessels, your job will be completed whether large or small.

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