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gas_field_capability_statementProviding multidiscipline services to the oil and gas industries, MIPEC Gas Field Services (MGFS) blends core capabilities with a proven master contractor model for local subcontractors and landowners, delivering project work cost effectively with reliable performance levels and high quality project management.

The master contractor model successfully engages, manages and builds performance in local contractors and suppliers – from landowners to small businesses and with Indigenous and Traditional Owner businesses.

This contractor management system, combined with tier 1 project management skills, delivers cost effective, quality proven performance to the Oil and Gas industries’ high standards.

By maintaining an in-house MIPEC Management System (MMS), high quality services, products and safety standards are consistently achieved.

The MMS is DNV accredited to the following:

MIPEC has been recently rated by the independent Oil and Gas accreditation agency “Achilles” as being one of the top performing systems within the industry.

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Risk Management

The MGFS division is part of the MIPEC group – providing a strong financial base and teams of professionals to assess and manage the risk for all projects. The company has a proven track record of delivery and incorporates risk management strategies meeting tier 1 performance levels.

MIPEC is committed to being a preferred partner and enjoys long term relationships with current clientele.

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