Jetty & Wharf Construction

Short DescriptionJetty & Wharf Construction 02
Supply marine vessels to assist client with the construction of the Berth & Jetty works on a terminal project with multiple tug and barge movements, Pax transfers, labour, assistance with marine vessel maintenance and repairs.  Also provide solutions and support for vessel maintenance and engineering for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.

Marine Services

Type of Project
Wharf and Jetty constructionJetty & Wharf Construction 01
Direct hire of Tug and Barge
Supply Assist Tugs (when/as required)
General services

Gladstone QLD 4680 Australia

Project Duration
10/2012 to 11/2014

Man Hours
31,863 man hours

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Main Trades/Skills Used
Supply of marine equipment and crew (Tugs, Barges, LCT’s, PAX vessels & Marine labour)