AtoN Hixson Reef Refurbishment

Complete a condition report and structural assessment of the existing piles to ensure integrity of the structure. Fabricate a new stainless steel platform to accept the prefabricated Hex tower sections and associated AtoN Hixson Reef 01solar panels and electronic components. Travel to site and remove existing structure and Denso Seashield system and replace with new components. All work carried out under strict environmental parameters and approvals from AMSA and GBRMPA in the pristine waters of Queensland Great Barrier Reef.

Marine Services

Type of Project
Fabricate Remove/Replace Platform and Remove/Replace Hex Tower

Swains Reef (Hixson Reef) Queensland, AustraliaAtoN Hixson Reef 02

Project Duration
July 2014 to Jan 2015

Man Hours
3269 man-hours

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Main Trades/Skills Used
Vessel Marine crews, Fabrication department, Commercial dive team, Riggers and Crane operators.