APLNG Presentation to MIPEC Marine Crew

When it comes to celebrating MIPEC success, a presentation from Bechtel APLNG Site Manager, Mike DiCarlo to the MIPEC Marine Division is about as good as it gets.Woolie Mike DiCarlo Nov 2015

A wonderful breakfast, the certificate of Excellence Awards and the “12,000,000 No LTI Hours on the APLNG Site” jackets were presented to the MIPEC team.

Mike and his team continue to be fantastic supporters of MIPEC and for that, we can be truly proud.

Congratulations again to everyone that has been involved in this project along the way, it really is a reason to …. CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS ….

Mike made a special mention to Ian French and Polly Jackson (absent) as the faces of the MIPEC marine division over this period.