Aggregate Barging Service

Tug and Barge combo were contracted to move 2500 to 3000 tonne of bulk material on a daily basis from CELL 3 to Curtis Island.  Tug and barge combo was manned 24 hours 6 days a week where they loaded & unloaded @ night & moved in Aggregate Barging Services 01daylight hours.  In total material delivered to site 450,000 tonnes of all sorted materials.

Marine Services

Type of Project
Tugs & Barge Combo delivering Bulk Aggregate from (CELL 3) Fishermans Landing to Curtis Island.

Gladstone, Queensland 4680, Australia

Project Duration
April 2013 to February 2014Aggregate Barging Services 02

Man Hours
28,438.95 man hours

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Main Trades/Skills Used
Tugs used for this project was the primary tug Sledgehammer (20 BP) and assist tug  AMS Orion (16 BP), Steel Hauler Barge was a 3000 tonne capacity, all masters were pilot exempted for the Tug and Barge Combination, crew were working on a rotating roster.